Peter Street, Westport

Property Type
Residential Developments
Westport, Co. Mayo

About the Project

PPG demolished an existing house and rebuilt on the same site a new modern home. This project involved a lot of planning and co-ordination as it was located at the main only car park entrance to Westport’s busiest supermarket. The project involved an extensive health and safety plan along with many out of normal business hours work days due to the traffic restrictions we were faced with. The build itself was complex as the ground floor of the house retained the adjoining back garden which was substantially higher due to the steep slope of the street. This involved careful planning and a lot of temporary propping which eventually led to a one sided retaining wall being used to retain the upper garden and act as the main wall for the house itself. This project was completed from start to finish within the 20 week program allotted to us on signing of contracts.